Chilling Out is Important

In today’s totally wired, 24-7 world many of us are constantly working, busy with trying to make ends meet and dealing with the many responsibilities on our plates—and stressed out.  This article—The Importance of a “stop day”— about bringing down your work world to a 24-6 reality makes sense.  Remember the last vacation you took and how you probably came back and said, “that was way too short”?  Well, when you don’t chill out enough you don’t recharge your batteries enough to be 100% and that’s why you need a more consistent approach, like one day a week when you clear your calendar and, yes, smell the flowers around you.  As 2013 moves forward, it might be a good approach to a healthier life.

You might want to check out the book by Matthew Sleeth and Eugene Peterson, on which the article was based.  Enjoy