Client Satisfaction Survey

Novell and Novell Counseling security certificate Client Satisfaction Survey

Please help us to improve our program by answering some questions about the services you have received from us. Please rate the items below according to your experience, including any comments.
This questionnaire is meant to help us provide the best services possible to our clients.  All submissions are sent directly to Management. To keep responses confidential do not enter your name on the form.

1. Initial Phone Call:

2. Helpfulness in processing your referral by our intake staff:

3. Courtesy and helpfulness of office staff.

4. Cleanliness and comfort of waiting area:

5. Appearance and cleanliness of waiting area restrooms:

Behavioral Health Professional:
1. Professional and knowledgeable:.

2. On time for appointments:

3. Cleanliness and comfort of therapy office:

4. Quality of therapist/client communications:

5. Compatibility with therapist:

6. Overall benefit of your psychotherapy:

Name of your Practitioner (Therapist):

Number of sessions with Practitioner:

Would you recommend your Practitioner to others?

Would you recommend this office to others?

Is there something else we could have done to make your time with us more comfortable and effective?
We would appreciate any additional comments or suggestions:

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Confidentiality of Emails
Novell and Novell is committed to protecting your personal, insurance and medical information that has been entrusted to us.  Please be assured that any form you fill out on our site is encrypted to protect your privacy.  We look forward to serving you.

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