It’s the Only One You’ve Got…

Life QuoteWe think this label should be put on every newborn in the world.
Notice there is no warranty, no guarantee, and no refund.  The options you have are infinite from your first breath to your last: you can nurture it, educate it, experience it, numb it, savor it, share it, love it, hate it, build it, take it to extremes, abuse it, rebuild it, direct it, hide from it, value it, control it, balance it, neglect it or define it any way you want.  It can be as unique as you want to make it in a herd of 7+ billion or as standard as a vanilla ice cream cone.  You can persevere in a cause greater than you or you can go along to get along.  You can live full of thunder and storms and drama or live a quiet, simple and well-ordered life.  You’ve only got one so what are you doing with it?

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(Image courtesy of Steve Ambler)