Kamas McLeod, AMFT, APCC

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Intern Number: AMFT98236

Associate Professional & Clinical Counselor
Intern Number: APCC3733

Clinical Supervisor:
Janelle K. Novell, LMFT, RPT-S
License: MFC32101

Kamas McLeod, AMFT, APCC

Hello and welcome. My name is Kamas McLeod. I am a Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Associate Personal Clinical Counselor. I completed my Masters of Arts in Psychology from Brandman University. My undergraduate degree is in Human Development with an Emphasis in Children’s Services from California State San Marcos.

I have always enjoyed helping people and knew that I wanted to be a therapist at a young age. My work experience includes working with children in a preschool and daycare setting, and as a Riverside County Social Worker in Children’s Services for the past ten years. My experience as a Social Worker allowed me to work with clients of all backgrounds with a multitude of issues such as domestic violence, substance abuse and various mental health diagnoses. This opportunity also gave me a better understanding on how widely these issues can affect an individual, and the family unit.

During my Masters program, I was a trainee at the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center where I worked with adult men struggling with addiction. This allowed me the opportunity to learn more about addiction and recovery, as well as to help these men learn more about themselves, work on overcoming current or past issues, teach them the tools to a successful recovery, and how to avoid relapse. I think that sometimes, just giving clients some education regarding their problems can help immensely with understanding and acceptance, as well as provide hope and motivation for change or improvement.

When working with clients, my first goal is to try to connect with them as soon as possible. I do this by showing respect, listening with interest and empathy, and providing a non-judgmental, safe, relaxing environment. My belief is that it is extremely important for a client to feel that there is a good “fit” in the therapist-client relationship. Life can be hard! I think that everyone has something that they can work on and can benefit from counseling. My duty is to help guide you to bring about the needed change in yourself or your life and give you tools to cope with life’s stressors so that you can be happier, healthier, and fully enjoy your life!