Tori Avina, IMFT

Intern Marriage & Family Therapist
Intern Number: IMF96272

Clinical Supervisor:
Terry Sandoval, LMFT
License: MFC51272

Tori Avina, IMFT

Hello, my name is Tori Avina and I am a Marriage and Family Intern. I completed my Masters in Clinical Psychology at Azusa Pacific University in San Diego, but my passion for the field began much earlier. I took an AP Psychology course in high school, which kick started my interest in understanding and helping people during varying struggles in life through therapy. I knew I wanted to help others reach happiness by helping them explore themselves and their relationships. As I continued my undergraduate studies at San Diego State University, my enthusiasm about psychology continued to grow. I took every course offered about neuropsychology and development. My courses during the graduate program focused on several aspects of therapy including theory, couples counseling, family counseling, and substance abuse. Collectively, I gained a holistic understanding of the individual and the family system.

During my experience at APU, I found my niche helping adolescents and their families. I completed my traineeship at the YMCA Youth and Family Services in San Diego. There I worked at multiple schools within the district counseling students, their parents, and their families. I also collaborated with their teachers and school faculty. Adolescents experience a variety of changes including their relationships, their bodies, and their identity. I am able to connect with adolescents and their parents by offering a warm and supportive environment.

Tori’s Thoughts On Counseling

When working with families, children, and adolescents, I look at the individual as well as the family as a whole. I encourage parents to come in for collateral sessions to explore more about the family dynamics and offer parental support and coaching. My goal is create a warm and safe environment that welcomes honesty and self-exploration. I want the individual, couple, or family to ultimately leave having more skills to face obstacles in the future and increased happiness in their lives and relationships.