Why Failure is Important

We all know that failure is a part of life.  For most of us, we can shrug it off and move on.  What’s on your Failure Wall that you can let go of?And we’ve all heard that failure is important because you learn what not to do.  And we’ve all learned that confession can be good for soul.  So this article in today’s LA Times about a Malibu firm’s Failure Wall caught our eye.  At this company, the boss decided that instead of just celebrating success, he wanted to acknowledge that success comes from failure and has installed a Failure Wall, where employees write—and sign—their failures.  We think it’s unique in that in our never lose, everyone is a winner and gets a trophy society here’s a boss who understands that  failure is ok and talking about it can be cathartic.  It takes courage to admit to failure, but it’s often the first step to significant change whether in our personal or professional lives.