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“9 Ways To Get Your Parents To Listen To You”

1. Speak to your parents daily Find something to talk to them about daily. Know that it is never too late to get a relationship back with your parents. Start with small talk if you need to. Ex: Hello, Dad how was your day? I got to help my teacher today in class and it was fun.

2. Honesty You must be honest with your parents. You must give them all the details when speaking to them. They will trust you more when they know you are always telling the truth.  Ex: Well, I went to Beth’s house, not telling your parents you also went over to Dave’s house first.

3. Pick your time wisely Make sure your parents are not busy with something else when you are trying to speak to them. Ex: Mom is trying to fix dinner and also giving your younger brother his spelling test.

4. Ask your parents for an appointment Let your parents know that you would like to speak to them and find out what time would be good. Ex: Mom are you busy, I need to talk to you about something very important.

5. Identify your feelings Let your parents know that you are scared, or that you know you might have made a mistake, but that you need to speak with them. (Rephrase your statement to show your feelings) Ex: I know you may get disappointed with me, but I am failing math.

6. Have your thoughts together Before speaking with your parents know what you want to say. Put your thoughts on paper and make sure you have the points that you feel are important for your parents to know.

7. Listen Stop and listen to your parents. You may not agree with everything, but know that your parents are considering what is best.

8. No whining Although you may not agree, state your points without screaming, yelling, or whining. This is your time to show that you are mature. Ex: That is not fair, I hate you. (While stomping off to your room)

9. Thank your parents Thank your parents for their time. You may not have won this battle, but by showing them that you are able to accept what they have said this time without an attitude, then maybe it will help you the next time. Parents want to see maturity and growth.  Ex: Dad thank you for your time, and listening to me, I don’t agree, but I do understand.

Communication goes both ways the way you as the child react, can determine the way your parents will reactwith their listening and paying attention to you.

By: Regina Porter, Marriage & Family Registered Intern-IMF74148

Clinical Supervisor: Ben Novell, MS, LMFT-MFC325733

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