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Why Failure is Important

We all know that failure is a part of life.  For most of us, we can shrug it off and move on.  What’s on your Failure Wall that you can let go of?

For Our Veterans

In Southwest Riverside we have many military service members and veterans as our neighbors and friends.  We are  grateful for their service and honored to have them in our midst.  

Marriage 101

January 23, 2013 by Jason Agnetti, LMFT The word relationship goes through so many different definitions as we make our way through this dynamic roller coaster we call our lives.  Time and time again we, as humans, try to find a working model of what makes a relationship work only to embark on yet another trial and error, or often…

How to Balance Work and Life

While there is no magic pill on how to manage our increasingly busy lives, there are some common sense tactics that can help bring some modicum of control.  That’s why this short article, How to Balance Work and Life, caught our eye.

Three Steps to Managing Anxiety and Panic Attacks

January 16, 2013 By Michelle Villa, IMFT Anxiety can be a normal reaction to stress.With stressors such as an increase in unemployment, rise in prices, and demanding lifestyles it is no surprise many Americans suffer with Anxiety and Panic Attacks.  The good news is there is recovery from anxiety, panic attacks and the symptoms that come with these common disorders.

Addicted to Facebook?

It must seem ironic that we’d bring this topic up since we encourage you to visit our blog to see what’s new in our observations of the world and how to better navigate its complexities.  

Chilling Out is Important

In today’s totally wired, 24-7 world many of us are constantly working, busy with trying to make ends meet and dealing with the many responsibilities on our plates—and stressed out.  

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