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Child Abuse / Child Batterer’s Parenting Program

The Child Abuse / Child Batterer’s Parenting Program is a state of California and Riverside Probation approved intervention program designed to help individuals who have abused their child/children. This program is for offenders only. The goal of the program is to stop intimate violence with hope of preserving families.

Novell & Novell Counseling Services is a state of California approved program certified by the Riverside County Probation Department to provide court mandated Child Abuse / Child Batterer’s Programs.

Our Child Abuse / Child Batterer’s Parenting Program is facilitated by:

Robert Novell, Educational Director-Lead Instructor

Mr. Ben Novell is the Administrator of the program.

Each class meets weekly and can be joined at any time.  Please contact the office for details.

NOTE: An orientation process MUST be conducted prior to enrollment of our court ordered programs. Please contact our office to schedule an orientation. We recommend having your referral and or court order on hand when contacting the office.

Orientation Fee: The orientation fee is due prior to scheduling your orientation appointment.  The fee for court order cases is $50.
Class Fee:  Riverside County Probation Department has set the fee at $60 per session, but can be reduced on a sliding scale.  Often reducing the fee by 50% or more.

During the course of the Child Abuse / Child Batterer’s Parenting Program, quarterly status/progress reports will be issued and provided to the designated official assigned to your case, upon your signed written consent.

It is important to be aware different people call this program by different names, including but not limited to:
Child Abuse Program
Child Batterer’s Program
Child Batterer’s Treatment Program
Child Batterer’s Intervention and Prevention Program

Voluntary Enrollment: If you have not been ordered, and have an interest in attending the Child Abuse / Child Batterer’s Parenting Program please contact the office to schedule a meeting with Ben Novell, MS, LMFT, LPCC.  Mr. Novell will assess if the group setting would be suitable for the issue or concern that you wish to address. Non-Court ordered intake assessments are longer in duration to assure the client is appropriate for the group best served.  The fee for this assessment is $180 and will be 50 minutes in length.  Recommendations for the appropriate interventions will be discussed.  If appropriate for the Child Abuse / Child Batterer’s Parenting Program no additional fees are charged to enroll in the program.

Please contact our office at 951-252-9911 if you have any questions regarding our Child Abuse / Child Batterer’s Parenting Program or want to inquire about a program that is not listed above. Our representatives will be glad to assist you.

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