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Co-Parenting Program

Novell & Novell Counseling Services provides a co-parenting intervention program.  This is for parents of divorce who are either in the process of divorce or have been divorced and are experiencing difficulties in communication about their children, resolving differences, and struggling with custodial sharing of the children.

The purpose of our program is to improve communication between the parents regarding the well-being of their children, who are unfortunately often caught in the middle of the situation.  Our program consists of BOTH parents being present unless otherwise ordered.  In our program we focus on topics such as: healthy and appropriate means of communication, how to help your child/ren to adjust to two households, how to discuss divorce with your child/ren, and any co-parenting issues that may arise during the separation or divorce process.

Anticipated number of sessions to complete is between 6 and 8 less if the parents are motivated to resolve their differences.  This service is not covered by medical insurance.

All court ordered co-parenting inquiries are directed to Ben Novell, MS, LMFT, LPCC.

It is important that we obtain the following information prior to scheduling your first co-parenting appointment: All court orders, completed paperwork by both parties, and appointment fee paid in full.  For any questions regarding the enrollment process or obtain more information about our Co-Parenting program please contact our office at 951-252-9911.

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