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In today’s fast paced world, we all feel overwhelmed at one time or the other.  And sometimes those feelings so overpower us, we don’t know which way is up.  That’s why we all need to “chill” and get our bearings when this happens.  That’s why we found this short article, Four Ways to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed by Laura Vanderkam,  of value because it has four simple, common sense things we can do:

  1. Get real…Sometimes there are just too many things we are attempting to do that are impossible.  Get a grip and accept it.
  2. Just say no…Sometimes not taking on another commitment is simply the smartest thing you can do.
  3. Get some rest…When you’re swamped, can you ever get enough sleep?  Do it and you’ll be better able to manage everything on your plate.
  4. Follow a routine…You might think a routine means you’re in a rut, but routines make us more efficient.

Okay, now take a deep breath.  See, you already feel better!

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