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To make your visit with us easier, please complete one packet for each person entering one of our programs or services and bring to your appointment.  In order to most efficiently direct you to the correct packet, please click on the correct statement below:

To view a form, left click on the form name below.

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All forms are provided in Adobe PDF format.

With current versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will be able to download the file, enter and save the information on the form for printing at a convenient time. You must save the file in order to save your changes prior to attaching the file for sending.

Earlier versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader will be able to download, save, and print the form, but you will be unable to enter or save any additional information to the form.

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English Packets:
For packets in Spanish, please scroll down.
(Para los paquetes en español, por favor, desplácese hacia abajo.)

Adult Packet

Adult Victim Witness Packet

Child Packet

Child Victim Witness Packet

 Co-Parenting Packet

Group Therapy Packet

 Post Adoption Group Packet

Depression And Anxiety Group Packet

Authorize Release Of Information

Patient Information Letter

Telehealth Consent Form

Paquetes en español:
(For packets in English, please scroll up.)

Paquete de Adultos

Paquete de Testigo Victima de Adultos

Paquete de Niños

Paquete de Testigo Victima de niños

Paquete para los Co-Padres

Paquete del Groupo de Post Adopción

Paquete del Groupo de Depresión y Ansiedad

Autorización de divulgación de información

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