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Most of us probably think that being rich is about wealth; after all we do live in a capitalist world and are constantly bombarded by advertising pushing us to buy, buy, buy. There used to be a TV show called Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous where we mere mortals got a glimpse of the glamour we thought was what it meant to live a rich life.  The champagne flowed as yachts cruised the azure blue waters of the world where the beautiful and fashionably thin people on deck smiled at the camera with seemingly not a care in the world. Currently, there’s WealthTV that describes itself as “a 24/7 high definition cable television network devoted to taking viewers on a journey of how wealth is achieved, used and enjoyed.” While viewers certainly don’t get much insight how that wealth was achieved, they certainly see how it’s used and enjoyed. And that brings us to ask, what is living a rich life really all about?

Granted that wealth can take you to the hottest and most desirable spots in the world and afford you a lavish and elegant lifestyle, but is being money rich the key to being happy and fulfilled? It depends since each of us has a unique way of interpreting the world around us and what’s important, whether it’s money, or possessions or good health. For some of us, being able to provide food and shelter and a modicum of comfort for our family is enriching enough and we feel blessed.  For others, it’s having the best of everything, even if that means getting in debt in order to having that so-called rich life. Ultimately, most of us would agree that money aside; a rich life is one that is well rounded, full of interesting experiences and one that makes you feel secure in who you are and what you value.  If having a ton of money and consuming is what’s important to you, then go for it. Or you could be like billionaire Warren Buffett who still lives in the small house he bought when he first started nearly 50 years ago in out-of-the mainstream Omaha and is donating billions to worthy causes.

A rich life resides in your mind, in your heart and in your actions.Whether it’s coaching little league or cooking for your family or enjoying an interesting novel on a quiet Sunday afternoon or volunteering at your church, a rich life is a blending of many things that are meaningful and will probably change over time. So how rich is your life?

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