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We read in the newspapers or watch on the news about an argument that started over a trivial matter and escalated to tragic results, whether it’s someone with road rage to a simple look at a party interpreted to be disrespecting or “dissing”.  Welcome to the Age of Dissing where any perceived minor slight can lead to grave consequences.  We hear about these situations, shake our heads and wonder, “what were they thinking?”  Indeed.

In the Age of Dissing, we are all armed with our weapons of choice: the media and the Internet.  Each nano-second of any one’s life can now be dissected and commented on with such ease that we are drowning in social media, which can be filled with erroneous information and hurtful opinions. From the political pundits who shout at each other over trivialities, to the reality shows where people are pitted against each other to win prizes and their fifteen minutes of fame, we are too often willing participants.  We revel in the drama and subterfuge of people like us who bring out their worse side in order to win.  And we love it when Chef Ramsey curses and throws tantrums at the wanna be chefs in Hell’s Kitchen or when the Housewives of Beverly Hills get catty and bitchy at each other for the camera or with the antics of Honey Boo Boo.

Yes, it can be entertaining and perhaps take us away from the perceived sameness of our routine lives, but at what point does this inundation of “reality” influence how we react to the world and, more importantly, what we are letting our children watch and learn?  The jury is still out on the negative influence of media in our lives. What we watch is a personal choice and certainly doesn’t mean your choices make you a contributor in the Age of Dissing.  It’s just something we all need to reflect upon in an already stressful world. (We will have a follow-up on Life in the Age of Dissing on our next post.)

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