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Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
License: LMFT40143

“As a therapist I get the opportunity to help people grow and learn a different way to live life. It is exciting to me to watch a person change and leave therapy looking at life in a healthier way.”

I specialize in working with children who are in the process of or have been adopted and their families. I utilize an attachment and developmental approach to treatment. I work with women who are in the midst of some of life’s transitions.  I am a certified EMDR therapist specializing in trauma working with children, men and women. Prior to becoming a therapist I worked for 10 years as a Victim/Witness Advocate with the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office. I have a solid understanding of the criminal justice system and the process that crime victim’s are going through.

What motivates me is being able to facilitate change and to watch my clients look at life in a more positive and healthy way.  The most important thing to me in a therapist-client relationship is that we are able to connect in a healthy way and that in doing so the client feels emotionally safe and is willing to move forward in a proactive manner.

I work best with clients who are ready for change and are willing to be proactive in their emotional well being.  I work well with children and their families and I work well with women who have ignored themselves for far too long and who are now ready for change.

I am a Christian who is concerned with how therapy has been negatively portrayed.  It is important to validate client’s spiritual beliefs and to help them normalize their life issues in a way that incorporates their belief system in a healthy way.


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