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Associate Marriage Family Therapist
License: AMFT97849

Clinical Supervisor:
Donna Lindley, LMFT
License: LMFT40143

My name is Jennifer Rodriguez, and I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. I completed the Graduate Program at University of Phoenix earning my Masters of Science Degree in Counseling with the Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy focus. I earned my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Management from University of Phoenix as well. I completed my training hours for graduation, as well as 2 years of internship at MFI Recovery Center in Murrieta. I am also a US Navy veteran.

Throughout this experience, I had the opportunity to work with children, pre-teens, teenagers, young adults, adults, couples, and substance use clients in the individual, family and group setting. I also worked in conjunction with Temecula Valley High School, Rancho Vista High School, and Murrieta Canyon Academy with teenagers and their families in need of support with substance use, mental health and probation. I would meet with teens at the school, at my clinic, occasionally his or her home, and have accompanied some of these teenage clients to court to provide additional support. With these clients, I would conduct individual and family therapy with the teens and his or her parents or guardians to strengthen and re-build relationships, support systems and provide additional guidance in an attempt to further improve behavior and decrease high conflict leading to maladaptive coping skills. I have also conducted substance use groups with adolescents and adults.

I have a strong belief that childhood experiences, both positive and negative, have a profound impact on one’s development and ability to cope with stressors, adversity, traumatic events, and one’s level of resiliency. I love to explore family systems and try to involve family members, when necessary, to further support the individual’s well-being and continued growth. I have a passion for individuals who have survived trauma, and long to help individuals evolve and rise above his or her negative experiences, and become successful in navigating life. I love to explore individual personalities, unique qualities, relationships, ideas of self and how an individual’s worldview shapes his or her daily life. I believe we each experience life from a unique perspective and sometimes need help to make sense of life when our perceptions get distorted, or we experience a difficult time. We all need someone to support, encourage, and validate our life experiences so we can continue to strive to be our best selves. As I navigate through life, personally and professionally, my passion for helping others continues to grow.

As a therapist, I believe in creating a safe space for individuals to begin exploring areas of his or her life that may have led to distress, and understand how negative belief systems impact mental health, as well as how relationships play a role in quality of life. Throughout my training, I built a strong understanding and practical application of Family Systems Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EMDR; however, I believe a blend of approaches may be necessary to reach healing, acceptance and clarity. I ensure clients are part of his or her treatment process, and discuss the recommended or desired approach with each individual in hopes of increasing the likelihood for progress and successful treatment, resulting in relief from negative symptoms and a strengthening of relationships with self and others. My goal as a therapist is to instill hope in others that change is possible, they are deeply loved, and that life can be beautiful.

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