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Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
License: LMFT40397

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed
is more important than any one thing” — Abraham Lincoln

I have been a professional therapist for 15 years, counseling, guiding, encouraging and assisting in the repair of impaired emotions and lives. I was born in the United States, and raised in the Philippines. During the time I was living there I learned to speak and understand four native Filipino dialects. I am genuine, down to earth, open-minded, and empathetic with a unique combination of education, experience and cultural diversity. Beyond any theory in technique that I have learned, my professional and life experience has given me the resources to customize a unique approach to help each of my clients. To top it all off I am a Mother with seven children ranging in age from college to pre-school, [my version of the “Brady Bunch.”].

My occupation chose me; as far back as I can remember, people have been coming to me for advice, encouragement, and solutions to problems in their lives and relationships. I have always enjoyed helping people. This profession gives me an opportunity to reach out and help people with compassion and empathy. My goal is to find the roots of the emotional pain and scars. Through therapy, we can understand and overcome the circumstances these pains and scars have produced in our minds and lives and thereby enable productivity and peace to prosper in our homes, jobs and relationships.

My counseling sessions are realistic, open-minded, and non-threatening. I draw inspiration and techniques from both my educational experiences as well as my life experiences. I have helped clients with domestic violence, depression, marriage and relationship issues, blended families, anger management, parenting issues, anxiety, grieving over a death, divorce, gambling, life transitions, child and adolescent behavioral issues, substance abuse, and cultural diversity.

Therapy is an option to overcoming immense emotional difficulties; a person can suffer through debilitating emotional fallout for years, and yet often have breakthroughs in a relatively short period of time through therapy. Therefore, my question is, “Why wait?” Let’s untie this knot in therapy, and get your life moving again.

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